Andord Hell is a form of post-mortem world in MarissaTheWriter stories.


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Unlike the main Marrissaverse, which clearly began with Invader Zim: Born Again Christian, Andord Hell doesn't have a clear beginning point.

At some point, Gabe Jonson died and was transported to Andord Hell. There, he was greeted by Marrissa Roberts and Chell, and escaped, only to die once again. However, during this mission, Atlas and P-Body threw zombee taters to Andord Hell, making many zombies. Assirram Strebor later made these zombies to her army, only for the leader of them to be killed by Marrissa. The rest of the zombies were killed by the good TEEN FORTRESS 2.


Typically, people who die in the Marrissaverse are transported to Andord Hell. It is also accessible via "prototip portal guns".

Any zombies transported to Andord Hell, like Chell, will lose their zombification, seeing as "there are no zombies in Andord Hell". However, Andord Hell citizens (led by The Ultimate Zombee from "Reisdent Evil") can be turned into zombies just fine.

It is unknown what happens to Andord Hell inhabitants who die once again.

If ASBusinessMagnet's comic Sweet Chell and Hella Marrissa is to be believed, Andord Hell has a purple hue, is starry and features a violet lake "which is not filled with lava", as well as numerous spires without a known purpose.

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