Half-Life College is a college where the TEEN FORTRESS 2 continued education after graduating from Portal High School. It is the main setting of one chapter in THE MARRISSA GAMES, in which Agents J and K fight the villains of Amnesia: The Dark Descent so they can rescue the TEEN FORTRESS 2 and send them to the future to help Marrissa Roberts in the Hunger Games.

It is presumably located on the "American USA of Amerca", as Portal High School is, as J and K have ridden to here from Portal High School by car, and later on, Principal Business Lady mentions that she went on a trip from the city of Portal High School to "the City of Half-Life College" and back by bike.


At the time when J and K arrive, Alexander has taken over Half-Life College, radically changing its structure (e.g. meat now grows out of walls and there are a lot of hostile mobs) and made Principal Gordon Freeman leave. Eventually, Alexander is successfully killed by J and K; however, if Half-Life College is restored to its usual state is unknown, because J and K left, taking the TEEN FORTRESS 2 with them, and they are not seen when they return to study.

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  • A faction named "the Black-Eyed Peas", which had invented a portal to Xen, is mentioned once in Enchiridion Marrissa. While it, like Half-Life College, was based on the Black Mesa Research Facility, its relation to Half-Life College is unknown.