Exclusive No. 3: An "Interview" between the Two Authors was included as a part of the MarrissaTheWriter Complete Anthology, after Dick Stiller and Roxa Lavigne's Time Travellegiance. As the name tells, it's formed as an interview-styled dialogue between Doombly (in the text, known as Insane Guy of DOOM) and ASBusinessMagnet, who together have contributed the majority of MarissaTheWriter stories, and, excluding Logic Editor's editing of TEEN FORTRESS 2, the entirety of the content of the Complete Anthology.

Doombly first begins his story. He tells about most of the creative and inspirational processes beginning from Sue Mary, his original trolling identity, all the way up to THE MARRISSA GAMES. As it turns out, while some elements were certainly inspired by reviewers, others, like the tracker jacker tampon scene in THE MARRISSA GAMES, were planned long in advance.

Then, the story passes onto ASBusinessMagnet. While he[note 1] originally tells his rough story from when he discovered ITS MY LIFE! and The Half-World, Skepkitty's blog, the interview then hops to Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host and the large role Violet Beauregarde plays in the story. As it turns out, ASBusinessMagnet's writing is a lot more internalized than Doombly's, and tends to relate a lot to his earlier works, such as the Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise.

The story concludes with what will happen to the trolling efforts of the two authors after the Anthology's release. ASBusinessMagnet implied that he wanted to continue to write serious stories, such as Bright yet Dark, while Doombly was planning on writing a Tron: Legacy fanfic which ended up transforming into the BioShock Infinite fanfic Robert & Rosalind are Dead. The interview ends with a parting recommendation for John Dies at the End. After the interview, a fictitious quote, supposedly from the ending of Act 7 of Homestuck by Andrew Hussie[note 2], is appended, and the Anthology ends.


  1. The MarrissaTheWriter Complete Anthology was published on August 12, 2014, predating ASBusinessMagnet's coming out as transgender on January 13, 2015; however, the Anthology has not updated since.
  2. The Anthology also predates Homestuck's Act 7, which was released on April 13, 2016.