I believe in a world in which English was perfectly fine and consistent, rather than requiring a whole new word, “Trollficese”, for me.

- Skepness Man Beauregarde, Additional Discoveries on Marrissaverse History

Trollficese is a common name for differently corrupted versions of English spoken in trollfics. Each trollfic writer brings their own "flavor" to English, making trollficese hard to categorize.

MarissaTheWriter trollficeseEdit

Originally, fanfics by Doombly featured fairly coherent English, with a few spelling mistakes and neologisms here and there. However, by the time of THE MARRISSA GAMES and Real Beauty the misspellings have become so bad that MarissaTheWriter was forced to edit the chapters to make them at least somewhat readable.

ASBusinessMagnet has lived through similar phases, originally with Portal: The 4th Millennium: The Trollfic Edition going full speed with misspellings (which this time feature Lithuanian letters), but by the time of Post-SCrash Session introducing an "edited" version, featuring very little (but nevertheless funny and within the spirit of MarissaTheWriter) spelling and grammar mess-ups.

One famous characteristic of MarissaTheWriter trollficese is to attempt to use a noun or an adjective (or any other part of speech, sometimes not even a legitimate word) as a verb, usually by appending the infinitive particle "to", the present participle ending "-ing" or the past participle ending "-ed", thus producing words such as "happied", "o-mouthed" (from the Internet smile :O), "lolled" (from the acronym LOL, "laughed out loud"), "britished", "frenched", "futured", "to Hunger Games" and so on.

Other varietiesEdit

The trollficese used by Half-Life: Full Life Consequences was once featured in Post-SCrash Session, more precisely in its story-within-a-story Pony Pals: Detective Pony. It is characterized by run-on, casual sentences, frequently using the characters' full names and, over time, gaining consistent misspellings, such as "humen". The style is also emulated by MarissaTheWriter; however, on the face of it the two varieties differ, seeing as the word "human" in Marissa's stories is replaced with "humon", rather than "humen".

While Roxa Lavigne is not known as a trollfic writer, her patterns of speech also qualify as a form of trollficese. They are based on innuendos, and Roxa often corrects herself, leading ASBusinessMagnet to abuse the phenomenon by making Roxa correct herself from an actually correct form, e.g. "Aranea Serket", to an incorrect but more commonplace "Aranna Sorket".


  • In her MST of ITS MY LIFE!, ASBusinessMagnet dubbed the variety of trollficese in particular used by the infamous fanfic My Immortal as "goffikspeak", in reference to the fanfic's "goffik" culture. Similarly, the Library of the Damned MST dubs the trollficese used by MarissaTheWriter as "Marissa-Speak".

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